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Need Support? Call Us
Need Support? Call Us
Mobile Massage Services In The Los Angeles And Surrounding Area
Finally... Get A Relaxing Massage At Home
Even If You Have A Really Busy Schedule And Short On Time.
Prepay For A Massage Session At Home and Receive A 
FREE 30 Minute Sugar Scrub
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Hurry! Limited Time Offer And  Quantity
Discover A Mobile Massage Service That Helps Restores Your Well-Being In 
The Comfort Of Your Home
    If you are having difficulty finding the time get away and relieve the stress but desire to do so, then your about to discover how you can rejuvenate and save time doing it.

    We all have the ability to have a healthy well balanced life. The problem is, most professionals have responsibilities take up most of our time. We get so caught up in our life that we forget to make time for ourselves. Taking care of everyone else and we end up going last... and sometimes not at all.

    Let me assure you, it's not your fault. With the demands of a career, family, friends and any other obligation... when can you fit it in?

    But you don't have to sacrifice the little time you have over your well-being anymore. My mobile massage services solves both problems. You don't have to go out of your way to drive to and from a spa while sitting in traffic when you are tired. Instead, I go to you. You save time, gain energy, and improve your wellness.

Who Am I And Why Should You Care
    My Name is Jorge Vasquez, founder of Temple Massage Therapy, certified massage therapist and one of the most practical massage therapist you'll ever meet. 

    My clients include business professional, doctors, entertainers, small business owners, students and many more from different walks of life. There is a reason people stick with me over the years... I give them results!
Client Testimonial - Deysi
I got you two more massage enrollments... my lil sis and my best friend are getting one... call you tomorrow... can't wait till Saturday..."
- Deysi Robles
Client Testimonial - Sandy
Jorge V. was firm, deep and delightful. He rocked my arms and feet like a true pro. I'd definitely recommend his services.
- Sandy Rivera
What Qualifies Me
  • Mastering my craft as a Massage Therapist for 10 years and continue to grow.
  • Worked as a Personal Trainer for 8 years prior. I am familiar how the body moves and where it aches.
  • Licenced/Certified with the State of California. You can look me up and verify my credentials. 
  • Professionally Insured. This not only protects me but also protects you.
  • Safety.  My credentials are listed and you can look me up to verify. Your and our safety is important.
  •  Mastering my craft as a Massage Therapist for 10 years and continue to grow.
  •  Worked as a Personal Trainer for 8 years prior. I am familiar how the body moves and where it aches. 
  •  Licenced/Certified with the State of California. You can look me up and verify my credentials.  
  •  Professionally Insured. This not only protects me but also protects you. 
  •  Safety. My credentials are listed and you can look me up to verify. Your and our safety is important.
I Am Looking For My Ideal Clients
    This message is not for everyone. Most people view massage therapy as a luxury rather than part of an integrate wellness lifestyle. They wait till there is something "wrong" with their body, usually when they are in pain, to begin taking care of themselves. Much like their health & fitness, the approach is not preventative care and on going maintenance. Unfortunately, they wait till something breaks.

But that's not you. You're smart with you're wellness and seek ways to improve it in the most efficient ways possible so that you can get back to what is important to you.
    If... you are serious about your well-being. Someone who understands the value that massage therapy brings to a your life.

    And... you are willing to invest in yourself to either reverse the effects and/or prevent muscle aches, pains and the stress of your everyday busy life...

   Then... I want to work with you. Please accept my BONUS gift for a  FREE 30 minute sugar scrub when you pre-pay an in home massage.*
My Promise To You
    I believe in complete transparency. So let me be clear... this offer for a FREE 30 minute sugar scrub is redeemable upon pre-paying for in home massage services. This is also a marketing test to find my future top clients. This offer may not come back again. 

So then why am I doing this?

1. It's my way of saying thank you for taking a chance. Finding a competent massage therapist is much like finding a great hair stylist.

2. Because I want to give something of value and a loofah or aromatherapy as an upgrade just wasn't cutting it.

3. You get to feel what my treatment are like, and when you see how thorough it is, you'll feel comfortable investing in yourself again. 

4. I'm going to put my money where my mouth is... If you have any trouble with setting up an appointment, unsatisfied with the service or care, you have 30 days for a full refund of your money. I'll take on all the risk.
This Is Truly A Limited Time And Quantity Offer, So Claim Your FREE 30 Minute Sugar Scrub Before They're All Gone...
    Thanks for taking valuable time out of your day to read this message and I look forward to being in service to you.
Jorge Vasquez 
Jorge Vasquez profile - Massage Therapist
P.S. - Don't let time be the reason you don't take advantage of this great offer. Remember... I go to you and a you get a bonus 30 minute sugar scrub.
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